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Call a Los Angeles Lemon Lawyer If the Car Dealer Refuses To Fix Your Newly Bought Car

California car buyers have important rights they should be aware of. The law applies to motor vehicles bought in California from a dealer for personal, family or household use, including cars, minivans, SUVs and trucks. Some provisions in the law cover only used cars, while others cover new and used cars.  The state “lemon law,” gives you the right to a refund or replacement if your new or used car with a factory warranty hasRead more

Why It is Important To Ask and Keep Accurate Car Repair Records?

When you buy a car, you expect it will run within optimal parameters and will perform as mentioned in its product’s description. Unfortunately, things do not go always as we planned and after you have bought the car, you may notice some failures. If the car has been repaired three to four (or more) times for the same defect within the Warranty Period and the defect has not been fixed, the car qualifies as aRead more

The First Thing To Do If Your Car Is a Lemon

Nothing hurts a newly car owner than to notice that the recently bought car is nothing more than a lemon.  Your planned investment has become a mechanical albatross, costing you time and lots of money with every repair. Usually, if the vehicle has been repaired three to four (or more) times for the same problem within the Warranty Period and the defect has not been fixed, the car can be classified as a Lemon. AllRead more

Lemon Law and Car Maintenance Responsibility

Buying a car must be done under the terms of a contract. Both the buyer and the seller must respect a series of obligations mentioned in the contract. The seller guarantees the functionality of the car, based on the warranty, and the buyer agrees to respect the terms of the warranty and take good care of the car. If the car does not operate within the specified parameters, the buyer must send the car forRead more

What Car Models Were Recently Recalled By Manufacturers?

When a car manufacturer announces that a certain car model presents factory defects, the car owners should bring the vehicles to the nearest car service and have it repaired. The costs are usually paid by the manufacturer and you should not worry about spending extra money. You should not drive cars with known problems. Furthermore, if the car is not properly operating after a number of days, it will be classified as a lemon. YouRead more

3 Tips to Help You Find a Professional Lemon Law Attorney!

A vehicle is defined as a lemon if it has the same mechanical/electronic problems even if it was repaired a certain number of times. Each state has lemon laws that specify the certain number of attempted repairs or days in which the car is not operational before being declared a lemon. You can invoke the lemon law to get money back or ask to have the car replaced with a functional one. If the situationRead more

How Expensive is To Hire a Lemon Law Attorney?

Realizing that the car you have just bought is a lemon puts anyone in a complicated position.  There will be intense negotiations between the buyer and the dealer. In most cases, a specialized lawyer will be needed to represent the interests of the buyer. Unfortunately, numerous persons try to handle the case on their own, without seeking legal advice, even if the dealer is not so cooperative.  They choose to proceed this way, thinking thatRead more

How to Find a Good Lemon Law Attorney in Los Angeles

When you buy a car, you presume that it will be functional for at least the length of the warranty. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Cars with problems that make them inoperable or diminish the value are usually called “lemons.” There are special laws that cover lemon cars. They protect the consumer and define the appropriate reimbursement. Contact a lawyer and they will know exactly what legal measures to take. Here is howRead more

What Are The Requirements in California for a Car to be Classified as a Lemon?

Your rights as a consumer are protected by federal laws.  If you buy a new car and it does not function properly, you have the right to ask for a replacement or to have your money returned.  This type of car is considered a “lemon” by federal laws. An attorney in California that specializes in the lemon law will help you solve any disputes between you and the car dealer. But first, you will needRead more

CA Lemon Law Applies to Boats and Water Vehicles

We commonly associate the lemon law with road vehicles, but this law applies to other vehicles as well. It refers to all vehicles that are not operational, even though they are under warranty. So, if you bought a defective boat and after a fair number of repairs, you still consider that operating it is hazardous for your life, the lemon law protects your rights as a consumer. If you suspect that your product is aRead more